Re-creating the Life You Want

Culture Transition Coaching is about giving you the tools and confidence to make your transition to life in a new place happy and satisfying. Whether you have a new job to start, or whether you gave yours up to accompany your spouse or partner, natural feelings of frustration, loneliness, lack of confidence, boredom, and loss can arise when first settling into a new life.

Here are some examples of areas we can focus on:

  1. Trailing Spouse
  2. Relationships
  3. Workplace Adjustment


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As the spouse of an Expat who has given up the comfort of your surroundings to follow your partner, you face a unique set of challenges..

Once you settle in to your new life, depending on how established you were back home, you're likely to find that you've given up a lot, and may struggle to recreate the life, friends, and work you enjoyed back home.

Especially if you've given up a job and are now unemployed, issues may confront you such as the loss of independence, and you may not feel you have the right to vocalize your desires as strongly, ("I want new curtains!" "I want to go on vacation", etc.) especially if they lead to spending money.

It's natural to feel alone, and find yourself missing all the wonderful friends and family you left behind. If you do want to work, even in a good economy, you may face another set of hurdles to obtain employment, especially if your spouse's company does not assist you with this

Starting Over
If you've listened to my eCourse, you know that I recommend a series of steps to create a fulfilling life for yourself in your new home. We can work on these steps together and ensure that you find the support and resources you need to get going.

Figuring Out What to Do - Daily Routine
If you are the unemployed spouse of an expat, we can work together to help you figure out what you want to do with your "spare time" and implement a plan to get involved in activities and organizations

Finding Work
If you find yourself unemployed and unable to get the same type of job, we can discuss new opportunties you can create by looking at your passions and interests and creating an action plan for you to put those to use