Addressing New Needs with Your Partner

Culture Transition Coaching is about giving you the tools and confidence to make your transition to life in a new place happy and satisfying. Whether you have a new job to start, or whether you gave yours up to accompany your spouse or partner, natural feelings of frustration, loneliness, lack of confidence, boredom, and loss can arise when first settling into a new life.

Here are some examples of areas we can focus on:

  1. Trailing Spouse
  2. Relationships
  3. Workplace Adjustment


Whether you're single, married, or in a committed relationship, complex issues frequently arise when you are uprooted and forced to deal with new people, a new environment, and a new culture.

One of the biggest changes may be a change in your role. If you had a job and gave it up to follow a loved one, you may now find yourself changing from financial contributor, to stay-at-home spouse. Money often represents independence, and without it, you may suddenly feel angry and resentful because you're not as comfortable stating opinions on family buying decisions, or you're unable to comfortably do and buy the things you once did.

As the stay-at-home spouse, you may feel resentful of your partner who gets to go into an office setting, meet people. If your partner travels and leaves you alone, this may increase the resentment. You may need different support from your spouse, especially if you've moved back to his or her home, a place where they have friends and family, and presume you will easily and happily fit into life the way they want it.

If you're single, there may be an entirely new dating culture, with different rules, as well as diiferent ways of meeting people.

For Couples
We can work together to identify key areas that are causing struggle in your relationship and develop individual and couple plans to navigate through this challenging time, and foster mutual support.

For Singles
We can determine your struggles with the local dating culture, how to address them, and your best avenues to meet other sin

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