Individual Coaching - Claim the Power to Design Your Ideal Life

You've acknowledged there is an area of your life you want to develop, and you're ready to determine the steps you need to take, and are committed to the actions you need to do to make it happen. You recognize that you are fully accountable for creating what you want in your life, and you're ready to make that happen - coaching is for you!

Individual Coaching Will Help You:

Sample Coaching Packages:

Note - all Programs include a Values Assessment Session. This is the pinnacle of our work together and establishes what's most important to you and helps us make sure your needs are met no matter what your goals are.

When you're ready to stop talking about your goals and start accomplishing them, sign up for your interview session with me so we can get started!

(Note - any individual package can be made into a group session for 6 - 10 people. Application is required.)

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Making the Choice - Is Relocating Right For You?

Moving is about more than packing bags, are you ready for the entire experience that goes along with the relocation? This coaching program will allow you to take a look at your expectations, the needs of your family, and your personal hopes and concerns as part of the process to making the right choice.

Typically 1 - 3 sessions

The Comprehensive Relocation Success Plan

This package will allow you to get in touch with your expectations versus what to expect after relocating, how to create successful friendships, handle differences and disappointments, and create a way to hold on to your optimism in tough times. It covers the fundamental social, personal and professional challenges ahead of you. Includes "The Relocation Success System" foundation principles.

Typically 8 - 12 sessions

Making New Friends in a New Culture

Encountering different social, political, and cultural behaviors can lead to difficulties making new friends. This program will help you take a look at what's important to you in your friendships, how to have a healthy reliance on friends back home, and what you need to do to make new friends now. Includes a copy of "The Social Success Method" eBook and 50% discount on The Socialnaire Club.

Typically 4 - 10 sessions

Finding and Creating Meaningful Work

The Accompanying Spouse may find him or herself unable to pursue full-time paid employment due to in-country restrictions, or the economy. That in turn can lead to important identity questions. This coaching program is designed for you to look at what types of work you find fulfilling, how to maintain your identity, and how to turn your interests and passions into a personal business.

Typically 6 - 12 sessions

How to Feel at Home Away From Home

This coaching program will help you take a look at the areas of your personal life that create the most fulfillment for you, and how you can recreate a structure for yourself in a new home - be it activities, support from your spouse, or something else. We can also explore ways to learn a new language, and how to feel more at home in a new house. Includes a copy of "The Personal Success Method" eBook.

Typically 4 - 6 sessions

Career Rejuvenation

At any point in your career, you may want to grow, try a new direction, or pursue a passion. Or you may just need help dealing with a tough boss. This program will help you take control of your career, align your values to ensure you find meaningful work, and develop strategies to deal with on-the-job-challenges. Ideal for anyone who is looking for change, renewal, or growth at work.

Typically 6 - 12 sessions

Integrating Into a New Professional Culture

Whether you're moving domestically, or internationally, with the same company, or a new one, you will inevitably experience a huge adjustment in your new job. This program is designed to help you look at real time cross-cultural differences and how to successfully navigate them to ensure on-the-job success. Includes a copy of "The Professional Success Method" eBook/

Typically 6 - 10 sessions

Cross Cultural Teams in Action - Corporate Job Shadowing

For any corporate teams where culturally diverse teams are unable to make progress towards a corporate goal, this package includes job shadowing and an assessment of each team member's sensitivities. We will assess where breakdowns are occurring, why they are present, and create an action plan to foster team collaboration to meet common and corporate goals.

Fully customized

How Coaching Takes Place

Most coaching sessions are done over the phone or SKYPE, so even if you live overseas, we can still work together. In-person sessions are available in select geographies. If on-site coaching is desired, a package can be built around your needs.

Why Work With Heather

There are many reasons to work with Heather:

  1. Passion. Heather loves coaching and working with people from diverse backgrounds - you get an enthusiastic supporter who wants to see you succeed.
  2. Experience. Heather has lived, worked and studied in 4 countries, and 2 states in the US. She understands what it's like to go through the culture transition experience. She also has 18 years corporate experience working for US, French, and British companies, as part of culturally diverse teams. She has experienced diverse "office politics" and gained the most joy as a team advocate, helping to improve work-life conditions for her team and her management.
  3. Qualifications. Heather is a Certified Professional Coach with over 180 hours (and growing!) spent studying, learning and refining the skill of coaching.
  4. Expertise. Heather has built her business from the ground up and invested years of time and capital to learning business and internet marketing skills which she can use to help you develop your own business.
  5. Flexibility. Sessions can be conducted via phone, SKYPE, email, or in person. No matter where in the world you are, we can work together.
  6. Results. Heather is highly motivating and will be an active partner in ensuring that you get the results you want.

Group Coaching

If you are a group of 6 - 8 people wanting to take the coaching journey together, simply contact me to set up a group coaching program designed just for you!

If you are a business and require a group coaching program for your team, simply contact me to discuss.

Your Investment

Package cost is based on duration and number of sessions required, which allows us to build a completely customized package that both meets your needs and fits your budget. Discounted pricing is built in to longer term programs. Individual prices are lowered for group coaching programs.

Once you're ready to proceed, we'll set up a complimentary interview so I can learn what you hope to accomplish, and we can determine the right package for you.

How To Get Started

If you are ready to get started, scroll down and complete the interview application form at the bottom of the page.


Heather's coaching helped me learn to listen to myself in new ways.

I began confronting my internal conflicts head on, and this helped me make huge personal, and professional accomplishments, including a 20% increase in salary!

Though I came to Heather for coaching on specific business-related issues, I was surprised that our work touched the emotional places it did. One of the most important things I gained from our coaching together was an understanding of my values and the things that drive me.

By getting in touch with this essential information, I was able to quit a job I had become unhappy in, and accept a new one that allows me to honor all my values. The result is that I am more proactive at work, and this in turn is improving my confidence and my personal and professional image.

Service Executive, Telecommunications Industry

photo of Wendy CarrHeather is a great listener and an insightful coach.

Over the past 18 years, she has and continues to provide valuable advice and support in both professional and personal matters. She was especially helpful in coaching me on expanding my business into new areas as well as in international business practices. This gave me more confidence in my new business area and helped give me insight into the business practices and expectations abroad.

Wendy Carr
President, CARR Marketing

photo of PJ HughesHeather's laser sharp inner vision helps her see right to the heart of any matter.

She then breaks it down into workable, bite-size bits and presents them clearly in an empowering manner. Her passion for her work and her infectious can-do attitude cannot help but inspire.

She's been a valuable business sounding board for me, offering a fresh perspective and practical no-nonsense suggestions. Her coaching clients have truly found someone both well-suited and equipped for the job - she's a natural!

PJ Hughes, NYC