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  • Why do you do this work?
  • First, this is not work to me, it's an absolute passion! Second, I have spent so much time living and visiting other countries and cultures, and have received such generosity that I feel it is my calling to offer my help in return. I have lived through the struggles of being an Expat, and know the value of having help through the feelings of loss, frustration, and communications changes that accompany a cultural transition..
  • What do you mean by "Expat" ?
  • The essence of the type of people I work with are those that move from one place to another due to work. I am referring both to people moving to a new country, but also, those that move from one city to another. Sometimes moving, from, say, New York City to Kalamazoo, MI can bring up these same set of issues for you and your spouse.
  • Can I work with you if I do not live nearby ?
  • Yes. Most coaching is done via telephone, so as long as we can find a time that is convenient for both of us, we can absolutely work together. If, however, you are a local business, or located in Manhattan, we can discuss the possibility of working together in person.
  • Do you only work with Americans ?
  • No. I work with people of any nationality, as long as you speak English or French. I work with foreigners who have moved to the United States, as well as Americans who have moved abroad, or to other US cities.
  • What can you work with me on?
  • I offer coaching on a variety of issues related to the transition between cultures such as making new friends, adapting to a new culture, identity issues, feeling isolated, deciding whether to relocate, and handing the repatriation experience, which is often harder than the outbound experience! For corporations, I offer cross-cultural team coaching to help develop synergy among team members of different cultures.
  • I also offer career coaching, and help for trailing spouses desiring to start their own business as a source of meaningful work once relocated.


  • Will you give me all the answers I need?
  • I will help bring you to an awareness of the resources and support you have around you. Where appropriate, and where my experience is of value, I will share with you techniques, guidance, and strategies to help you accomplish your desired goals.
  • Can you help me with moving logistics, like Visa issues, getting an apartment and the other necessities of relocating?
  • No. I do not perform these services, however, I may be able to help you find or research other resources that do handle these items.


  • Can you help me fight depression?
  • No. I am not a therapist. However, the areas we can work on, and the actions you will put in place, are intended to help you avoid becoming depressed. The focus of our work together will require that you are ready and able to take constant action. However, if you are already working with a therapist on issues of depression, then it is possible that we can work together in conjunction with your therapy. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss that.


  • How much does it cost to work with you?
    Pricing depends on the results you're expecting, session frequency, and the length of time we will be working together. Please contact me for specific packages and pricing information.


  • What languages do you coach in?
  • I work in English and French. Si vous avez besoin de mes services en francais, n'hesitez pas a me contacter!