Adapting to New Expectations

Culture Transition Coaching is about giving you the tools and confidence to make your transition to life in a new place happy and satisfying. Whether you have a new job to start, or whether you gave yours up to accompany your spouse or partner, natural feelings of frustration, loneliness, lack of confidence, boredom, and loss can arise when first settling into a new life.

Here are some examples of areas we can focus on:

  1. Trailing Spouse
  2. Relationships
  3. Workplace Adjustment


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Once you start working in a new culture, you're bound to encounter communication style differences and office politics you're not accustomed to.

Whether or not you come to your new job with excitement, you're going to have to adjust to a different office setting, different colleagues, and a new hierarchy structure.

You may be accumstomed to working with colleagues who are the same age, and suddenly find yourself among colleagues who are many years younger or older than you. It may be that you have a different work ethic and different values than your boss. There are many things to observe and adapt to in your new office setting.

For Expats
We can look at areas of struggle, concern, and misunderstanding, pointing out the cultural differences you are observing, and look at how you can bridge the gaps.

If you are trying to advance your career, we can discuss the areas you need to focus on to meet this objective

For Business and Company Managers and Owners
If you are the manager of an Expat and find that communication style differences are hindering your ability to have a successful work relationship, we can do shadow coaching, and observe what the biggest gaps are, and determine how to bring awareness and sensitivity to a plan that fosters improved communications and performance

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